[lã'põ:] die (Plur.)
<aus fr. lampons »lasst uns trinken, zechen« zu lamper »zechen, übermäßig trinken«>
(veraltet) Trinklieder

Das große Fremdwörterbuch. 2013.

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  • lampoon — {{11}}lampoon (n.) 1640s, from Fr. lampon (17c.), of unknown origin, said by French etymologists to be from lampons let us drink, popular refrain for scurrilous 17c. songs, from lamper to drink, guzzle, a nasalized form of laper to lap, from a… …   Etymology dictionary

  • lampoon — [lam pu:n] verb publicly satirize or ridicule. noun a satirical attack. Derivatives lampooner noun lampoonist noun Origin C17: from Fr. lampon, said to be from lampons let us drink …   English new terms dictionary

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